From Matt’s diary…
Thursday 14th April

I continue to have major doubts about my calling. It would help if I actually liked going to church. I can’t sleep for worrying about that dog collar going round my neck. Will it drive the passion out of me? Will it change who I am? I couldn’t live life as some kind of holy fraud. My attitude towards the traditional way of doing church still worries me. And yet. God wants me to help breathe new life into it.

Matt on… Calling

Q: What would you say to someone who feels they don’t fit the typical vicar mould?

Matt: Even if you feel the most unlikely person God would call to work for him, try not to fight that inner nag. Push the doors. See if they open. All will become clear. 

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What others say…

‘This diary invites us into Woody’s story from journalist to vicar. It’s not always a pretty story. Irreverent, rude, funny, profound, messy and painful, this book takes you on an earthy journey with heavenly themes.’

The Reverend Kate Bruce
Cranmer Hall, Durham

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