From Matt’s diary…

For St Paul it was the Road to Damascus, for me it was the A19 to Selby. Why God chose that day, that moment, that stretch of carriageway, I don’t know. Suddenly my head began to swim and my stomach turned over. I pulled into a layby to try to compose myself. As strange as it sounds, I felt an overwhelming sense that God had something urgent he wanted to tell me. Either that or someone had spiked my Pot Noodle…


Matt on… Faith

What would you say to a trainee vicar questioning their faith?

Matt:   You are normal! Doubt is normal. You will have your belief and theological deal breakers put through the wringer in training. That's the point. Don’t seek the black and white answers all the time. Continually remind yourself of why you first believed. Read the Gospels a lot. Soak yourself in the life of Jesus. Study closely how he reacted to people. Draw from him every day.

What others say…

‘devout and raucous, funny and serious, earthy and spiritual’

Yorkshire Post

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