From Matt’s diary…
Wednesday 20th January

At Morning Glory, Rob said he felt called to pray for me and Anna over our childlessness. All the guys laid hands on me. Thankfully not directly on the affected area.

Matt on… Fertility

Q: What would you say to a couple struggling with fertility issues?

Matt: Don't give up hope. Make yourself share how you're really feeling with the people you most love and trust. Don't sink into lonely despair. Don't pretend all is well. It's hideous - own the fact. Speak to people who have been through it. Explore all the medical routes possible. If you believe in God, make time to pray and get others to pray for you. If you don't believe, get others to pray for you anyway.

What other​s say…

‘Becoming Reverend is a searingly honest book and a great read. Some LOL moments and some bits that left me a little moist-eyed. Respect to Matt for having the courage to speak so honestly about the infertility struggles he and Anna went through, and I am sure many men and women will find it helpful.’

Graeme Urwin, Urologist

A typically hilarious and times quite poignant read. Because the thing about Woody... is that he never holds back.’

The York Press

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