From Matt’s diary…
Saturday 7th November

I’ve come out of myself in quite a dramatic way this weekend. I was left up with Sanjay, Jason, Aidan, and Rob. We talked about demons, creation, evolution and what makes a genius. There was a real openness between us all. We’ve vowed to meet together at college once a week to talk and pray. The group will be called ‘Morning Glory ’. Happy days.

Matt on… Friendship

What would you say to someone who’s best friend is thinking of becoming a vicar?

Matt: Keep it real. Laugh at them. Laugh with them. Be gentle and supportive - unless they are really doing your head in. They will be scared and feeling weird. You will keep them rooted in reality. Be their best friend – don't let them to talk to you like you are a member of their congregation.   

What others say…

‘There was never a dull moment training with Matt at vicar school. We laugh about it now - and sometimes cry! Reading Matt's book I was struck by what a sensitive writer he has become – miracles do happen!’ 

Aidan, fellow student at Cranmer Hall, Durham

‘Seeing Woody in the dog collar took a bit of getting used to. He hasn't quite made a full churchgoer out of me yet but reading his book certainly made me think. I really enjoyed it but don't tell him that or he'll never shut up about it!’   

Lee Bell, butcher and best friend

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